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This pusher or slider, sometimes referred to as the Polar push pin or Polar pushing plug, was originally made of black plastic.  Ours is made of aluminum for added strength.  It measures 9.5 mm in diameter  x 25.5 mm long .  It is used to release the false clamp latch pin assembly.  (It is equivalent to Polar part number 241828.)  This fits Polar guillotine paper cutter models 76, and up through the Polar paper cutter 137 models.  (This does not fit the Polar 155 and Polar 176 models, these used a longer slider, Polar part number ZA3.241829.)

Each slider comes with one of the black plastic hole plugs or cap as shown in the photo.  (The plug is equivalent to Polar part number 241827.)

For the longer slider (Polar part number 241829), see our part number P220.

Polar clamp slide pin P210

SKU: P210
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